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The following guidelines have been established for Olga’s Kitchen’s fundraising efforts:

- Dates must be requested at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the event.

- Guests must have a flyer in order for their sale to count towards the fundraiser total.

- Organizations cannot distribute flyers on the premises of Olga’s Kitchen Restaurants (this includes our parking lot). This is clearly stated on the fundraiser flyers and must be communicated by the organization to all persons distributing flyers. If flyers are distributed in this manner you will risk forfeiting your organization’s entire donation.

- Organizations can raise anywhere from 15% to 25% depending on their Net Sales. Net Sales are based on the amount brought in during one day/night. Calculations are not based on total sales from a multiple date fundraiser. The more you raise, the more you earn:

If You Raise

$1 – $799

$800 – $1499

$1500 – $2499

$2500 – $2999


You Will Earn







Olga’s Kitchen will provide:

  • A fun, tasty and effective fundraising event that everyone will enjoy!
  • An electronic flyer (PDF) that you can print and distribute, but also send to supporters via email and social media (see Guidelines above).

Your Organization is responsible for:

  • Distribution of flyers (not on Olga’s Kitchen premises—see Guidelines above).
  • Encouraging your members, friends, family and the public to dine at Olga’s Kitchen on your fundraiser date!

Download Tips for a Successful Fundraiser