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2022 Grant Recipients

a woman smiling for the camera

Sandy Jonick

I am Sandy Jonick, founder of U-Plant Landscape Designs, LLC. in Grand Rapids, MI. I love coffee, dogs, the color pink and flowers!

I create landscape designs and provide the necessary resources for do-it-yourself homeowners to create and install the landscape themselves. My favorites part of the business is interacting with the people I meet; everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing them!

I founded U-Plant Landscape Design in 2019.

Over the past three years, I have designed over 300 landscapes for West Michigan homeowners. My goal is to continue to assist do-it-yourself homeowners create beautiful landscapes that they can be proud of, while helping to beautify communities and make them an influential part of our environment. I can use the $10,000 from Loizon's grant to fund a marketing program, and eventually expand the business into other markets.

U-Plant Landscape Designs
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Aiyenede Akhigbe

Ms. Akhigbe is the founder and owner of Sticky Spoons Jam, LLC. As a mom seeking the feed her child preservative-free foods, she began producing jams in 2016. Her ability to pair various Michigan fruits to create unique flavors such as: Lunar Eclipse, Summer Solstice, #Smile, Winter Jelly and over 100 others have earned her the title “Crazy Jam Lady.” You can find her at local farms chatting with farmers about fruit or at the farmers marketing selling her jams, jellies, and pure Michiagn maple syrup. The $10,000 is going to fully impact my business in a positive way, especially since we're in the process of moving from a cottage food (industry) to a licensed kitchen

Prior to founding Sticky Spoons Jams, Ms Akhigbe was a Third Class Petty Officer Engineman in the United States Navy.

Sticky Spoons Jam LLC.