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Olga’s Rewards Program FAQs

Olga’s Kitchen offers the Olga’s Rewards Program (the "Rewards Program") to reward and thank our loyal restaurant customers. The Rewards Program is available to enrolled members at participating Olga’s Kitchen restaurants.  Rewards accumulated under the Rewards Program are promotional and have no cash value.  There are no membership fees associated with the Rewards Program. 

Please review the following Olga's Rewards Program frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer, please email us at for more information.

Who is eligible for Olga’s Rewards?

You may enroll in the Rewards Program if you: (1) are a legal resident of the United States; (2) at least 13 years of age at the time you enroll; (3) have an active, valid e-mail address; and (4) are a human being.  No corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, or other legal entities can participate in the Rewards Program. 

How do you enroll in the Olga’s Rewards?

You can enroll in the Rewards Program by creating a rewards program account on the Olga’s Mobile App and online at

May I have more than one Rewards Program Account?

No. Your Rewards Program Account is personal to you. Your Rewards Program Account may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with family, friends or others.  You may have only one (1) Rewards Program Account.  The opening of additional Rewards Program Accounts and the abuse of the welcome rewards will be considered fraud.

How do I earn Olga Points?

You can earn Olga Points on qualifying dine-in, online, mobile, or catering orders ("Points"). Catering Points can be earned on catering orders placed online or through our catering sales team. You may also earn Points through participation in surveys, feedback or participating in certain games offered by Olga’s.

How do I earn Rewards?

By accumulating Points in your Rewards Program Account, you will earn rewards which may be redeemed at participating Olga’s restaurants (a "Reward"). Each Reward will be valid for the period stated on your Rewards Program Account. Once you earn a Reward, you may start accumulating Points towards another Reward. You may only redeem one Reward per visit regardless of the number of Rewards you have earned in your Rewards Program Account.  A Reward may not be combined with any other offer or coupon online. A Reward may be combined with other offers or coupons at restaurant locations. Active Rewards are located on the “Choose a Reward” tab on your Rewards Program Account.

I did not receive Olga Points on my last visit. How do I get them?

Claim your missing Olga Points by clicking here.

How do I access my check-in code on the Olga’s Mobile App?

On your Olga’s Mobile App, select “Olga’s Near Me” and choose your location. From there, select “Check-In” at the top of your screen and your check-in code will be displayed. Provide that code to your server and you will earn Points on the subtotal of your receipt.

How do I apply Rewards to my mobile app order?

Under the “Redeem Points” tab on your Rewards Program Account, select the Reward you'd like to use and select “Add to Cart”. You’ll see your new Reward in the “Points and Active Rewards” tab. Second, start your mobile order and once at the “Review Basket” page select “Apply Rewards” and choose the reward you’d like to apply to your order.

How do I delete my Olga's Rewards Account?

We don't want to lose you, but if we can't win you back, you can delete your Rewards Program Account in the Olga’s Mobile App by tapping on “Edit My Profile” and then selecting the “Delete Account” button.

Do Olga Points expire?

Olgas Points will expire two (2) years from the last date that you use your Rewards Program Account in person or online. 

Can Olga’s terminate my Rewards Program Account?
Olga’s reserves the right to terminate your Rewards Program Account if we determine in our sole discretion that you have violated Olga’s Terms of Service or our Rewards Program policies. Olga’s may also, at any time, with or without giving you prior notice: end the Rewards Program, change a Reward or Rewards Program benefit we offer, change the requirements to earn a particular Reward or Points, change the time in which you have to earn a particular Reward, or change any other feature of the Rewards Program. 

What happens if Olga’s ends the Rewards Program?

If we end the Rewards Program, Points you have earned, but not used, will expire on the end date, and you may not redeem any Rewards or use any credits after the end date.