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Please review the following Olga's Rewards frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer, please email us at for more information.

How Do Olga’s Rewards work?

We simply want to reward you for what you are already doing! Each time you visit simply give us the phone number or last name you signed up with or use the check-in code on your mobile app to earn your Olga Points. Then redeem your Olga Points to activate only the rewards YOU want to use.

When will I receive my Olga Points? 

Olga Points are added to your account balance immediately after each visit. 

How do I activate a reward?

Cash in your Olga Points! Go to the “Redeem Points” section on the home screen of the Olga’s mobile app or the “Choose A Reward” button at the bottom of the account summary page on desktop and simply choose the rewards YOU want to use. Once a reward is activated you have 30 days to use it on your next Olga visit.

I redeemed a reward, but it didn't apply immediately to my order. When can I apply it to my order?

Please allow 5 minutes for a redemption to be processed so our systems can speak to each other.  

I accidentally redeemed a reward. Can it be reversed?

We will be happy to assist with this. Please email us at

How do I access my check-in code on the Olga’s Mobile App? 

Select “Olga’s Near Me” and choose your location. From there, select “Check-In” at the top of your screen and your check-in code will be displayed. Provide that code to your server and you will earn Olga Points on the subtotal of your receipt. 

How do I earn Olga Points? 

You can earn Olga Points on any Olga’s dine-in, online or mobile order. Catering Points can be earned  on catering orders placed online or through our catering sales team. 

I did not receive Olga Points on my last visit. How do I get them? 

Please email a copy of your receipt and your request to

How do I apply rewards to my mobile app order? 

First, redeem your Olga Points in the “Redeem Points” tab and selecting the rewards you'd like to use. You’ll see your new reward in the “Points and Active Rewards” tab. Second, start your mobile order and once at the “Review Basket” page select “Apply Rewards” and choose the reward you’d like to apply to your order. At this time, you can only choose one reward per order. 

I redeemed Olga Points for a reward, where can I find my active rewards? 

Rewards are located in the “Points and Active Rewards” tab.

May I have more than one loyalty account?

No. The best way to earn points and maximize your benefits is by utilizing one account. The opening of additional accounts and the abuse of the welcome rewards will be considered fraud.